When Will You Need a Carlsbad Emergency Dentist?

Dentists are an important part of our overall health, and we should see one at least twice a year. However, situations may come up when you need to see an emergency dentist.

Let’s take a look at some signs you may be experiencing a dental emergency and need to contact a Carlsbad emergency dentist.

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Severe Pain. If you are experiencing severe pain in your mouth or face, something is likely wrong and needs to be treated by an emergency dentist. Do not wait until the pain goes away – seek emergency help right away.
  • Swollen or Bleeding Gums. Although minor gum irritation is not a dental emergency, bleeding gums might suggest a serious problem, particularly if accompanied by pain and inflammation. If you have severe bleeding or swelling of your gums, you may be experiencing a dental emergency.
  • Abscess. A tooth abscess is a true dental emergency. Abscess, if left untreated, may cause infection to spread throughout the body, bringing significant and even life-threatening consequences. If you have a tooth abscess, you should get treatment right away.
  • Lost/Damaged Teeth. If you lose or damage one or more of your teeth, see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Depending on the damage, you may need surgery or other treatment to restore your smile.

How an Emergency Dentist Will Treat a Dental Emergency

An emergency dentist will treat a dental emergency by first assessing the situation. They will then take steps to stabilize you and relieve your pain. Some of the treatments that may be used include:

  • Root Canal Therapy. This is used to save a tooth that has been damaged or infected. The root is cleaned and sealed off to prevent further infection.
  • Crowns and Bridges. These are used to restore teeth that have been damaged or lost. A crown involves a cap placed over your tooth, while a bridge is made up of two or more artificial teeth attached to adjacent teeth.
  • Dental Implants. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth using a titanium post inserted into the jawbone and a porcelain crown attached to the post.

What to Do Until You Can Make It to the Emergency Dentist

Until you can get to your Carlsbad emergency dentist, here are a few things you can do (depending on the emergency you are experiencing) to help relieve the pain and discomfort:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water. This will help dislodge debris that may be causing the problem.
  • Apply a cold compress to the area around your mouth to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication if necessary. Acetaminophen or NSAIDs can help relieve pain and inflammation caused by dental trauma.

Emergency Care at Carlsbad Dental Associates

Dental emergencies can be frightening, but a qualified professional from Carlsbad Dental Associates can help ease your discomfort and safeguard your health. Contact us at (760) 918-9000 to learn more about how we can help you in a dental emergency. We proudly serve the communities of Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside, San Marcos, and the North County of San Diego.

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