Does Teeth Whitening Actually Work?

Who hasn’t seen the videos on social media of the people brushing their teeth or applying strips to yellow teeth and ending with the whitest smile ever? Although you’ve probably rolled your eyes at these videos and continued scrolling, you may still be wondering if teeth whitening is even a possibility and how it is done in a real dentist office setting.

With that said, let’s analyze what teeth whitening is and how successful it is if done properly. Through this, you can decide whether or not true teeth whitening is something you want to experience and what the results will likely be for you.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Typically, there are two different types of teeth whitening options out there. The options are using a whitening tray at home or getting your teeth professionally whitened using LED light technology in the office.

According to MouthHealthy, “Teeth whitening is a simple process. Whitening products contain one of two tooth bleaches (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). These bleaches break stains into smaller pieces, which makes the color less concentrated and your teeth brighter.”

The most common reasons for your teeth being stained are food and drink, tobacco, trauma, medications, and age. Because many of these are everyday things, it’s no wonder why many people opt for teeth whitening to improve the look and color of their smile.

How Successful is Teeth Whitening Actually?

Teeth whitening can be highly successful. In many cases, you may see your teeth lighten up to 5 to 7 times during the whitening process. However, teeth whitening doesn’t work on all teeth, which is where a dentist comes into play.

It is highly recommended that you speak to a dentist before performing any type of teeth whitening options as it may only damage your teeth more if you don’t have approval.

If you would like to discuss teeth whitening options in the Vista area more in-depth with a dental professional, feel free to contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you on your teeth whitening journey.

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