CEREC vs. Traditional Crowns

If you need to get a crown, it’s good to know all your options. More importantly, you should learn the pros and cons of each. Read on to learn more about CEREC crowns and traditional dental crowns so that you can discover the best option for you.

Traditional Dental Crowns

Traditionally, traditional dental crowns have been the most reliable method for those needing to install one. However, since the development of the CEREC crown, traditional crowns have become the more outdated option.

Traditional crowns require at least two trips to the dentist. Your dentist will grind down your tooth on the first trip and prepare it for the traditional dental crown cap. Then they will take scans of the tooth and install a temporary crown to wear until your permanent crown is completed.

After this initial appointment, your dentist will send your scans to a dental lab, where the permanent crown will be created. It will be made up of a combination of porcelain, silver, and/or gold that is then fused to metal. This process typically takes up to around ten days, but once the crown has been made, the patient will be able to go to their second visit to have the permanent crown installed and cemented into place.

Overall, traditional crowns are made with sturdy material, are aesthetically pleasing since they look like regular teeth, and have accurate fittings and alignment.

On the downside, dentists have noticed some common problems with traditional crowns. For example, the traditional crown process takes up to 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, the temporary crowns put in place after the first visit have been commonly known to fall off or cause sensitivity. So, many people find this wait time extremely unpleasant. Even more, porcelain has been known to be prone to chipping and cracking, and traditional crowns are also expensive.

CEREC Crowns

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) crowns are the newest advancements in crown technology and have become the most preferred option.

While traditional dental crowns can take weeks, a CEREC crown uses computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided design to create your crown in one appointment. Even more, they are known to allow for a better bite and look more natural for patients. In other words, these crowns fit almost perfectly and look like natural teeth.

During your appointment, your dentist creates a 3D digital impression of your entire mouth using a very small camera. Your ceramic crown will then be created, and a dentist will paint and glaze each tooth to match the rest of the teeth in your mouth. Once this process is complete, your dentist will then bond the tooth into your mouth, and the crown will be installed in minutes. This process only takes about 2 hours, and the process is much more efficient and comfortable for the patient.

In addition, you will never need to wear a temporary crown or have to take uncomfortable impressions of your mouth. You will even experience much less post-procedure sensitivity.

In the end, CEREC crowns have proven to be the most efficient option for those needing crowns. With fewer complications, less time, and a more natural look, they have surpassed the need to utilize traditional dental crowns.

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