Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

Over the years, dental technology has advanced to allow patients with comfortable, less time-consuming, and most importantly, painless care. Before these advancements, old traditional x-ray techniques caused issues involving waiting time, preparation time, and even environmental concerns. Therefore, digital radiography has completely revolutionized the practice and technique of dental X-rays used in dental offices all over the country.

How does digital radiography work?

When a dentist utilizes digital radiography, they insert a sensor into your mouth which captures the images of your teeth. Although these films may look like traditional x-rays, the digital sensor is actually an electronic device connected to a computer. This little device takes pictures and images of your teeth and projects them onto a screen instantly for your dentist to view.

The Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

  • Less Radiation – Digital x-rays use 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays.
  • More Efficient Dental Appointments – Digital x-rays do not require any preparation time.
  • Higher Quality Images –  The images captured by digital x-rays can be zoomed in to any size, and your dentist has access to the most accurate images of your teeth.
  • Transfer Dental Records Immediately –  Digital x-rays can instantly be sent to any other specialty office within seconds due to their digitized form.
  • Environment Friendly –  Digital X-rays and radiography do not use any chemicals to develop the film as seen in traditional x-rays.
  • Complete Picture – Having digital x-rays performed means your dentist gets the whole picture and can give you the best diagnosis possible.
  • Immediate Access – With digital radiography, your dentist can view your oral cavity in real-time with less radiation exposure and more convenience.

Overall, film x-rays invented in 1895 have evolved immensely over the years. With today’s technology, digital X-rays and radiography allow dentist offices and professionals to elevate their practices for themselves and their patients. Although film x-ray technology is more cost-efficient, digital x-ray technology has proven to be worth the price. With 70% less radiation, less discomfort, more efficient detection of problems, and less time in the chair, digital radiography is the most optimized way to perform x-rays on patients.

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